Hanging Pieces: The grooves or holes meant for hooks or nails must be substantial
enough to be hung from hooks or nails. Wire supports must be strong enough
and appropriately secured to hold the weight of the piece to be hung.
Glue: Anything requiring glue should be done so that the finished product has a
neat and professionally finished look to it. All work glued to be repaired is
unacceptable, but if the object has been broken and reassembled as a sculptured
object this is acceptable. However the piece must be marked as non-functional.

Lids: Unless specifically marked in the design of the lid and base, all lids must fit
in all directions. Lids that only fit in one direction, lids that lock when rotated, or
lids that fall off when the container is slightly moved (due to improper seating
into the container) will not be accepted for SAW shows and sales.

Pricing: Prices should be roughly comparable for all potters, especially in the area of
under-pricing. Under pricing hurts the other members of SAW, so try to be fair
when you price your pots.
Prices may not be changed during the sale. If you are unsure of how to price
your pots, ask for help. SAW members are more than willing to help newcomers.
Items should be priced to the nearest $1.00. Items must be legibly labelled with
Your Name and price on a single label. If not legible, the piece may not be sold.
This creates a problem at the cash and you might not get the credit for the sale
of your piece. In the case of sets (e.g., cream and sugar), label both pieces in case 
they get separated.

The final decisions regarding all matters of display remain with the Quality
Control Team. Jurying of your pots by the Quality Control Team is for your
protection the protection of SAW and the public. Jurying also helps SAW to
encourage and maintain a high level of quality in the items that we have
available for show or sale.
When Quality Control is unable to accept a pot for display or sale they will
remove the piece from the exhibit area and set it aside to be returned to its
owner with an accompanying explanation.

"Let's see if this will get by standards" is unfair to SAW and reflects badly on you
the potter. Lids that don't fit, pots that are tipsy, have cracks in the handles, feet
or lids, or are under-fired are 'Seconds'. Leave our 'Seconds' at home. If you
have questions about the acceptbility of certain pieces, please bring these to
the attention of the Potters' Rep. before putting your work out for display or on
the table for sale. Our goal is to provide a strong professional image of SAW to
our customers. This is accomplished by ensuring that we sell only well-made pots
- 'FIRSTS'. We have a great reputation for a reason. Let's keep it that way.

The Quality Control Team shall consist of the Potters'' Rep. and a minimum of 
two other members of SAW appointed by the Potters' Rep.