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The objective of the Quality Control Team at Sarnia Artists' Workshop (SAW) is to 

present well-crafted pottery of original design for exhibition and sale. Objects 

submitted to SAW for display or sale will be selected with the following guidlelines 

in mind. The Quality Control Team reserves the right to select pottery for display

or sale, on the basis of quality under these guidelines.



SAW encourages original design. The object should perform the function for

which it is intended. Clays, glazes and decorations should be suitable to the

function of the object.


Forming Process - SAW accepts coil,slab, wheel, etc. and the use of handmade

moulds or any combination thereof. Commercial moulds, bisques or greenware

are unacceptable.

Glazes - Glaze flaws, e.g., crazing, crawling, pinholing, blistering, pitting,

shivering, where detrimental to function are unacceptable. (Refer to Daniel

Rhodes' book Clay and Glazes for the Potter).

Lead Glazes are NOT Acceptable.​


Clay and glazes are to be fired to maturing point. Bloating is unacceptable. Bases

must be smooth and steady, handles must be able to be held, and containers must

hold liquid if meant to do so.


Non-utilitarian Pottery and Ceramic Sculpture including raku, smoke fired and

other Alternative fired objects will be selected by the Quality Control Team on

the basis of its technical qualities. Raku pieces are not ideal for foods - in fact

could be potentially dangerous. Each Raku pot is required to have a sticker or

label applied stating that this work is for decorative use only. Sculptural Pieces must

also have the same smooth bottoms that are required for functional ware; we

encourage the same for masks, planters, animals, figures, wall plaques, vessels,

etsc Extra time needs to be spent smoothing rough edges and secuing joints. No

body wants customers to cut themselves while handling our pieces.

May 31, 2010

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