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The Sarnia Artists’ Workshop Awards Event is held annually. An Awards Committee consisting of at least three SAW members shall organize the Awards Event. The duties of the Awards Committee involve arranging the juror, intake, set-up and presentation of awards in accordance with the Committee Responsibilities documents.


Each member of SAW may enter one 2-dimensional work and/or one 3-dimensional work, i.e. an artist may enter ONE work in both categories. Category will be declared at Intake. All work must be original and completed within two years prior to the competition and must comply with SAW Show Standards (on website). The artist’s name must not be visible (THE NAMES WILL BE DISGUISED AT INTAKE). The work must not have been entered in any previous Awards Event competition. There are no restrictions on the number of times an artist may win an award. The same person may receive an award in both categories and may win an award two or more years in a row. An artist must be present on Awards Event to win an award. PLEASE BRING ART COVERED, MAKE SURE YOUR NAME, PHONE/EMAIL INFO IS ON THE BACK.


Two-dimensional work shall comprise:

Paintings and drawings in all media i.e. watercolours, oils, acrylics, pastels, inks, charcoal, conte, pencil, coloured pencil, etchings, lithographs, serigraphs, woodcut prints, original photographs, but no commercially produced reproductions of work. Canvas art does not need to be framed, wiring instructions are the same as for framed art (above). Canvas sides must be painted.

Three-dimensional work shall comprise:

Pottery, sculpture, all multimedia including fabric/textile art, carvings, woodwork, jewelry, basketry, stained and fused glass.


In case of dispute, it shall be at the discretion of the juror into which category a work should be entered. In the case of a tie, a certificate and smaller monetary award will be given to each winner.


A qualified juror shall determine the winners of the Wolff Awards. The members of SAW present at Awards Event shall determine the winners of the Erika Poersch Award and the David Dunk Award, by ballot.


The amount of prize money shall be governed by the money available from interest earned on the endowment funds invested by SAW, supplemented, if necessary, by an amount taken from SAW's general funds. Before each Awards Event, the Management Team will decide on the total amount to be awarded. The amount awarded may be in cash or in the form of a gift certificate.


The juror’s honorarium will be decided by the SAW Organization Team and may be taken out of SAW’s general funds.

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