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​In order to set up a truly professional, high quality show, we have set down a few guidelines. Some of ​​​them will be quite familiar to long time members; to first time exhibitors, we hope they will help you in presenting your artwor​k.​​​​​​​

Please refer to the SAW Standards, and if you have any questions regarding your work, you should speak to the appropriate officer (for example, painting representative).  This is especially important for the first time exhibitors to make sure their work meets SAW Standards.  Specific information regarding the show will be posted on the Website and in the newsletter ahead of time, however, if you need further information, please speak to a member of the Show Committee.
1.  To enter any SAW show and sale, a member must pay SAW's annual membership fee.
Art At The Lake registration fees for members will be determined each year prior to the sale. If Associate Artists, (non-members of SAW) are invited to participate, the registration fee will be clearly shown in the Invitiation/Call for Art and Registration forms prior to the sale. There is a 20% commission charged for all art sold at Art At The Lake.

2.  Depending on SAW's financial standing, members may be required to pay a registration fee to enter a
show and sale. If a registration fee is required, members will be informed in advance. (See 1. above)

3.  For each show, 3D artists will be required to pre-register and each potter will be required to identify their potter's mark.

4.  Work must be brought in at the time stated by the Show Committee.

5.  At the time of submission all artists must sign a waiver absolving SAW from responsibility for loss of, or damage to work. 

6.  At the time of submission, artists must complete an inventory list of submitted works.

7.  All members submitting work for the annual "Art at the Lake" show will be required to volunteer at the    show for four hours. Cash desk volunteers should attend the Treasurer's cash desk workshop prior to the show. 

8.  Each piece of work must display a label (typed or hand-printed in ink) with the member's name, price (to the nearest dollar), and inventory number if desired.

9.  Unpack your work. The Show Committee will tell you where to place it. Remove any packing materials and bring it back at the end of the show to repack your work.

10. As space is limited, the Show Committee reserves the right to limit the number of pieces exhibited by any one artist.

11. Before moving any of your pieces during the show, please consult with the Show Committee. The overall look of the show is the responsibility of the Show Committee. All work must meet SAW Standards and the final authority on the admissibility of any work rests with the Show Committee.

12. All sales are conducted under the auspices of SAW. SAW does not remit HST. If you are a registered artist, please include HST in your pricing. A commission is charged by SAW on all sales to off-set show expenses. Please allow for this in your pricing.

13. Payment will be made to the individual artist by cheque after the show.

14. At "Art at the Lake" it is at the artist's discretion whether an item is for sale or for "exhibition only".

15. After the show, all un-sold work must be collected. If you are unable to pick up your work at the time requested by the Show Committee, please arrange for someone else to pick it up. SAW is not responsible for items left behind.


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